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A mobile business created for travel.

Everything about Sail Away revolves around a passion for travel. The business was formed in 2008 with the idea of creating a business that could be operated from anywhere to provide a sustainable income and travel lifestyle aboard a sailboat while adventuring around the world. After years of preparation, that plan is in full effect now. Thank you for coming to take a look at my site and join in on the adventure.

Travel Stories

Check out The Blog for 96% true land and sea tales.

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Or check back soon to explore the full interactive version of this Super Cool Travel Map. Still working on it, but you will be able to scroll around to find blog stories, photos and tracks of my trips.

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The Business

Web Design

We develop websites for any size business with a focus on maintenance plans that help make your life easier.


I absolutely love photography. I take anything from weddings and portraits to landscapes and wildlife photography.

Fine Art Printing

We use years of experience to print high quality, museum grade prints for many artists and photographers.

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Meet Arcturus

Arcturus is a beautiful 27-foot Pacific Seacraft Orion with a real offshore pedigree. She rocks, and is pretty much the closest thing I’ve had to a girlfriend the last few years (she's the stable one in the relationship). We spend tons of time together—although probably not as much as she would like. As far as I can tell, I like her way more than she likes me, and I talk to her every night before going to bed. Anyhow. We've been together since 2010 and look forward to seeing the world together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, friend, that’s a real difficult question to answer. Most of the time I live on Arcturus where ever we may be. I love to visit friends and family, though, so sometimes I may be home in the US and traveling around visiting friends. Check out the map up above to see some of the trips I’ve been on.
The business is what keeps me going. That can be websites, photography work, printing or any of the other services we offer. You can support the travel plan by hiring us to do a job or refer us to a friend that needs help on a project. You can also visit the Shop page to see the photos that I have taken along the way. Any prints that you purchase help keep the travel dream alive! We have also been lucky to receive donations and discounts along the way to help fund the refit project. Boating and safety are expensive and we are very thankful to everyone who has helped contribute along the way.
Ha, that’s a good question. Both of my parents are very supportive of The Plan and I think they are proud I am pursuing my dreams. I think Mom would prefer if my dream involved something more land based and didn’t put me traveling through the middle of the ocean. Dad has joined me on some of my offshore adventures and we have been able to take several extended trips together. Mom and Dad are also the “home base” for the business and help keep everything running while I am on the sailboat. Services like our print shop are located out of Winston Salem, NC and they are the core operators of that while I am gone.
Who knows! I like to have a full plan of where I plan to be but it always changes depending on the weather and who I meet along the way. The current plan is to sail through the Eastern Caribbean and get out of there before the first hurricane comes screaming across the ocean next summer. After that, I plan on heading west across the top of South America towards Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (the ABC Islands). From there, I will go towards Columbia, Panama and Costa Rica. Next leg after that is through the Panama Canal, down to Ecuador. Then the Pacific! Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands then 3000 miles on to the Marquesas. Then Fiji, Bora Bora and beyond! I could also get down to Costa Rica and some cute girl talks me into staying there forever. Who knows, time will tell!
I hope not! I have been talking about the plan for nearly seven years now and been developing my List-o-Sailors. I am always looking for fun crew members to join me. I hope to have lots of friends and family join me as well as cool, new people I meet while travelling. I had seven different people join me on my Bahamas trip in 2011. Some were able to come for about 10 days while one friend was able to join me for six weeks.
Easy now. She’s solid, don’t worry! I spent about three years researching my future home before making a purchase. She is designed and built to head anywhere I want to go.
Who knows? There are way too many variables to be able to answer that question. I have been developing the business to try and put myself in a position to come back because I want to, not because I run out of money. I intend to start a tropical circumnavigation but am open to changes in the plan. Most of my time frames will be influenced by the storm season wherever I am but I hope to keep an open schedule beyond that. I could be gone for three weeks or eighty years. Time will tell!
Man, lots of crazy things have happened! That’s what the blog is for! Poke around and you’ll find plenty of old and new stories.